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Educational books from early years. New and Old books
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100 Things You Should Know About the Human Body

Provides a concise and accessible guide and exactly 100 numbered facts that should challenge childre..

N2,000 Ex Tax: N2,000

Children's Wordfnder In French - HB

Labeled drawings identify the French words for objects related to sports, transportation, the home, ..

N1,950 Ex Tax: N1,950

Collins Junior Dictionary Out Of Stock

Collins Junior Dictionary

For children aged 6 and over, this clear, easy-to-use dictionary contains full sentence definitions,..

N3,000 Ex Tax: N3,000

Cool Facts for Kids Do You Know? - HB

A Peter Haddock published book. cool facts for kids ..

N3,500 Ex Tax: N3,500

First Things To Make and Do - HB

This book is the perfect answer to the question: “What shall we do?” It’s full of creative projects ..

N3,000 Ex Tax: N3,000

Human Body 3-D Pops - HB

This title helps discover the human body with incredible augmented reality animations. The amazing h..

N2,300 Ex Tax: N2,300

Learn ICT: Writing Programs By Anne Rooney

Kids Create their Own Set Of Computer Sequences To Make Things happen and Work with this exciting IC..

N1,000 Ex Tax: N1,000

More Fun with Science - HB

Part of a series which explores sound, electricity, magnets, weather and simple chemistry. It is ful..

N2,350 Ex Tax: N2,350

Mrs. Brown's A - Y of Everything

Mrs. Brown's A to Y of Everything is Brendan O'Carroll's hilarious follow-up to the bestselling Mrs...

N6,000 Ex Tax: N6,000

My First 100 Words in French - HB

Action-packed illustrations introduce your eager young language learners to essential words in Frenc..

N1,950 Ex Tax: N1,950

My First 50 Animals Out Of Stock

My First 50 Animals

Garry Fleming;s incredible illustrations will take your child on a delightful discovery of first wor..

N3,000 Ex Tax: N3,000

My First Animal Questions and Answers - HB

Why do kangaroos have pouches? How do fish clean their teeth? Which bear has the longest tongue? Dis..

N5,500 Ex Tax: N5,500

Over 1000 Fantastic Facts - HB

Discover 1200 fantastic facts with this incredible book! Why does rock become liquid deep below the ..

N6,000 Ex Tax: N6,000

The Cat in the Hat Beginner Book Dictionary in French - HB

The Cat in the Hat Beginner Book Dictionary in French hard back..

N2,100 Ex Tax: N2,100

The Giant Picture Dictionary For Boys And Girls - HB

A Giant Picture Dictionary book For Boys And Girls..

N2,900 Ex Tax: N2,900

The Great Big Book Of Knowledge: With 1500 Colour Illustrations - HB

The dictionary contains more than 1300 everyday words are explained in simple sentences, and over 85..

N4,000 Ex Tax: N4,000

The Usborne Book of Questions and Answers

-- Quizzes and questions cleverly combined with a wealth of fascinating background information-- Bas..

N4,000 Ex Tax: N4,000

The Usborne Internet Linked Complete Book Of The Human Body

Gorgeous color photos, detailed diagrams and stunning scans, X-rays and microscope images- Experimen..

N2,300 Ex Tax: N2,300